IFF is backed by four leading music festival organisations

De Concert! is a network of independent festivals from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Canada. The federation offers a solidarity-based approach and promotes initiatives among its members. Formed in 2008, it focuses on the sharing and pooling of knowledge, on the promotion of creation and artistic development, and on the ongoing evolution of the industry.


Founded in 1956 as the Festival Manager’s Association, the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) is ‘The premiere association supporting and enabling festival & event professionals worldwide’. IFEA Europe was established in 1992 and is fortunate to count many of the world’s leading events, event professionals and academics among those it represents.


The International Jazz Festivals Organisation (IJFO) is an umbrella organization representing 16 leading jazz festivals worldwide. The organisation dates back over 30 years, originally as a European organisation, becoming international in 2002. Members do not compete territorially and often collaborate and tour common projects.

Founded in 1998, Yourope is dedicated to improving the European festival scene in terms of working conditions; health and safety issues; environmental awareness; exchange of knowledge and information; and promoting the cross-border exchange of live music talent in Europe. Yourope has 91 member festivals in 27 countries.